Procurement Support
Procurement Support
It is staffed by experienced category specialists, our sourcing teams get sustainable results fast in real-time results that improve the bottom line and create competitive advantage for end customers.
  • More than 30 category experts in rank and file on staff covering functional areas including subject matter experts (SMEs) on key categories.
  • World class systems & processes focusing on supplier market analysis and market intelligence.
  • Value engineering with help of techno- commercial approach promotion of design to cost solutions and procurement to suit custom built requirement.

PMC Projects commercial & contracts cell can offer the services to perform any procurement/ contract activity with the knowledge of global sourcing market, local & international laws and taxation, import and customs clearance using the best procurement practices.

Areas focused in sourcing and procurement:
  • Bulk material procurement (steel, cement, pipe, plate, fittings, cables, valves etc.)
  • Contracts & packages (EPC and E-P-C)
    - Civil packages(marine and non-marine)
    - Mechanical packages
    - Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation packages
  • Capital goods, machinery, equipment & heavy earth moving equipment (HEMM)
  • Capital and maintenance dredging
  • Railway project procurement, contracts & services
  • All type site and consultancy services contracts

Techniques and tools used:
  • Demand/ spend projection & consolidation
  • Project and annual procurement planning 
  • Parametric estimation, activity based costing (ABC)
  • Fact based negotiation (FBN)
  • Procurement based on TCO (total cost of ownership) concept
  • Product rationalization, variety reduction and standardization approach 
  • Domestic and global procurement including import substitution
  • Contractual risk management with risk mitigation plan and risk monitoring
  • Vendor identification, on boarding, managing long term vendor relationships, vendor performance evaluation & management